Abel Birhanu daily Ethiopian news August 02,2020


Abel Birhanu daily Ethiopian news August 02,2020

Blue Nile (Abay) is the Prodigal Son of Ethiopia (and Awash the older?).Since time immemorial it has flown without a drop of use to the thirsty dwellers by its bank. Enormous floods during the summer (June-September) erode a vast amount of fertile soil from the Highlands of Ethiopia and carry it downstream with which cotton and wheat are widely cultivated in Egypt and Sudan. 




The name Blue Nile or “Tikur Abay” in Amharic is a witness to the vast minerals the flood washes away from Ethiopia and turns the color of the water in to blue, blue black, and at times black depending on the severity of flooding and which course of the river we looking at. 




In Ethiopia, it neither hits the turbines of water mills, nor wets the draught -cracked lands it passes by. Millions of farmers, in the vicinity of Blue Nile still depend on food aid to survive. 




The circumstances at home and in the region combined used to hinder Ethiopia from developing its natural resources be it underground or the surface ones.

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