I met my wife at my birthday party


An entertaining interview with artist Henok Berihun. I met my wife at my birthday party. My wife is a member of EBS. Henok was in over ten Amharic plays like "Hindeke", "Abeto Iyasu", "Abdisa Aga", and more. He acted in many Amharic TV shows, such as The Homework, The Bequest, The Dreams, and The Ladies. 


Henok has acted in some movies from other countries like "Sweetness in the Belly" and "Mandela's Gun. Henok began acting when he was in high school at Emperor Minelik II Secondary School as a part of the school's Drama and Literature Club. Henok went to other classes after he finished high school. 


He spent one year learning how to act at Holy Land Arts Academy. After that, Henok went to Addis Ababa University and learned about Theater, and got a Bachelor's degree. Henok continued his studies and got a Master of Arts degree in Film Production.


He made a movie called "Rahel's Way" that was long. Henok also made a short movie about Addis and got a prize for it in 2022. Right now, Henok acts as Happy, the younger son in the play Death of a Salesman.


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