Our voice for our Dam - peaceful rally in Addis Ababa


Ethiopia Residents in Addis Ababa are out on the streets as part of a campaign to celebrate the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

In exclusive interview with ENA, Public Policy Professor Costantinos Berhe said the dam will have huge benefit not only for Ethiopia but also Egypt and Sudan.



Ethiopia was left behind in development due to the unfair treaty of the British colonial power on Abbay River, he noted, adding that the construction of the dam now is an example of how countries can cooperate with one another on utilizing water.



We can cooperate on agricultural development and water resource development. Frankly speaking both Egypt and Sudan should contribute to environmental conservation in the Blue Nile valley, because the more we conserve the catchment areas of the valley the more water will be retained for the two countries,” the professor elaborated.



Costantinos pointed out that a lot of negotiations have been going with the riparian countries, especially Sudan and Egypt; and Sudan would be the biggest beneficiary of this undertaking because it will have more water for its irrigable land.


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