I was on the street, the touching testimony


I was on the street, the touching testimony. Heard on the 60th wedding anniversary. I can't believe this is happening. Even though this world has become weird and unrecognizable, I can't believe this is happening. "I don't recognize this person. " He must be a fake or fraud.


No, he was the same person. What happened was he recently started working for a non-governmental organization, after working as a government employee for many years, and suddenly started giving himself the freedom to improve society, whatever that means.


I once wrote about different ways we enjoy local food. Lately, someone mentioned that some foreigners think it is rude when we eat using our hands. Really What about when people lick their fingers in movies? At least we don't do that.


I only eat my injera and wot with my hand and not any other method. Most people wouldn't use a knife and fork to cut an injera roll, dip it in the hot sauce, and take a bite. That's exactly what some people do.


I discover that many people from my country are not on the right side of the fence when it comes to such matters. They think everything we do is not polite or proper. For example, they think shaking hands is polite, but hugging is not.

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