The ebs journalist Naylor Tigistu graduation


Congratulations to journalist Nafkot. The EBS journalist Naylor Tigistu graduation. The reality TV show, Studio 30, airs on Abol TV with producers and artists living under the same roof to create an album within 30 days. The show has aired for two seasons so far and has managed to produce multiple artists with hit songs that will not be leaving peoples’ lips for a while.

Filimon Mengesha, owner and founder of the show said “Studio 30 is mainly about developing and giving a chance for upcoming new artists by collecting them into one big villa.”

“They stay there for a month and we deliver all their basic needs, all the equipment and guidance from Ethiopia’s biggest celebrities such as Jano band, Johnny Ragga, Henok Mehari, Yamlu Molla,” Philimon added.

According to Filimon, the participants get to focus on music by letting them concentrate on one challenge, which is to accomplish a collaborative album within a month, without going out of the villa. The production crew will record their every move in the house and turn it into a reality TV show.

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