The challenge of Ethiopia's transformation, the cause and solution


A scholar said cultural change needed in Ethiopia to properly implement reforms and build strong public institutions.

Prof. Daniel Kitaw, Lecturer and Researcher at Addis Ababa University, argued that institutional building has been influenced by cultural barriers for centuries. 

The scholar, who took part in a panel discussion on institution building organized by the Office of the Prime Minister, said it is important to address the root cause in order to build strong public institutions.

Prof. Daniel said that culture and attitude have greatly influenced efforts towards system and institution building in the country.

He argued that there is psychological resistance against reform and new ideas among the public.

According to him, Ethiopia needs cultural change in order to properly address challenges related to institutional capacity building.

He urged the need to reform the education sector, emphasizing that schools have the lion’s share in shaping societies.

Panelists drawn from various fields have presented papers on the history of institution building in Ethiopia and forwarded recommendations on how to modernize it.

The daylong discussion primarily focused on background of institutional building in Ethiopia, cultural and attitudinal influence on institution building, accomplishments of the reform and remaining tasks. 

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