Fun experiences happened behind the wedding of our colleagues


Fun experiences happened behind the wedding of our colleagues. Given most of the vendors lack knowledge of healthy food preparation and the unsanitary streets of Addis, street food has been predestined to be a cause of food-related diseases. Nevertheless, there is a completely different reality regarding street food in other countries. 

Even in Nairobi, the capital of neighboring Kenya, it is common to come across fast foods on the streets, including fried chicken. On one of the busiest streets of Addis, the Bole Edna mall area, cars and people walking by the line up early in the morning. They wait for the arrival of two cars that have the label Bama Coffee written on them.


Buying foods or drinks from the streets is extolled in other parts of the world as it saves time and one can get fresh products. In trying to transform the street food culture in Ethiopia, some private companies have recently started selling snacks and hot drinks with better service than what people were used to.

The founder of Bama coffee, Daniel Tesfaeyesus, and his employees hurriedly cut the fresh home-baked banana cake while serving coffee and macchiato. After a minute or so their customers head to their respective offices with a hot drink in a takeaway cup.

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