Behind the tragic incident in Ziquala Abo Monastery


Behind the tragic incident in Ziquala Abo Monastery. “The accident that happened in Zequala is very dangerous. Fathers who do not know anything else except for prayer and ascetic [life] …fathers who can not be linked to any wrongdoing had been brutally executed, killed.” His Holiness Abune Mathias said in reaction to the massacre of four monks. 


“This calls for a devoted  Eucharistic Prayer for our country. It is an act that is worrisome that is committed,… it is very very saddening. Let us all pray to our God to remove this dangerous thing from our country” he added. The Ethiopian church has declared prayer in reaction to the tragic incident at Zequala Monastery which is within 50 kilometers from the capital Addis Ababa. 


Members of the monastic community at Zequala have refused to eat for several days now – according to Abune Abraham – demanding a dignified (apparently in the spiritual sense of the term)  burial of the monks who have been massacred by radical ethnic Oromo armed group- that calls itself Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). The Oromia regional government on Friday confirmed the killing. 


Ethiopia’s Federal government has not yet remarked on the development. Earlier this week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made claims that “no one has done what he has done to the Ethiopian church.” He said so during a meeting with “representatives from the Amhara region of Ethiopia.”


This week, four monks were taken from Zequala Monastery and killed by the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group. This ancient monastery is located 80 km Southeast of Addis Ababa, en route to Ethio-Djibouti Road. 


Named after Abune Gebre MenfesKidus, an Egyptian monk who was one of the Saints that entered Ethiopia preaching the Bible, this place offers an amazing view over the great East African Rift Valley Lakes, as it is found 2900Meters above Sea Level. 


At the top of the Mountain is one of the oldest (800 Years) monasteries in Ethiopia, and the new Mary Church. It is densely covered with different endemic vegetation that makes an absolute calmness and allows enjoying the day with nature and wildlife, Columbus Monkey, and big birds. En route to this site or on your way back, the city of Bishoftu offers excellent relaxation options with various resorts and Lakes.

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