Ethiopian Teenager with outstanding singing Skills


Ethiopian Teenager with outstanding singing Skills, she surprised the crowd with her amazing voice. There is a shift happening in politics in the “developed” countries. This shift is one pushed by anger, hate, racism, frustration and much more. But at the bottom of all that remains a common point: citizens feel that they are not benefiting from the “development” of their country, they feel that the elite is the only one that is doing so. 



With UKIP’s win in the UK, Brexit, Trump’s win in the US we have more of this to look forward to. Marine Le Pen and more extreme right political groups having a real chance of taking power, Africa must learn. Many African countries are facing that predicament. 



If you look at the many uprisings and rebel movements in the continent, the fight is mainly about how power and money are concentrated among an elite that is constantly ignoring the mass. The movements behind the uprisings, unfortunately, are just as misguided as the elite in power, this is true in the African continent as they are in Europe or the US. 



The goal is not to break down the system that has allowed for the creation of elites, the goal is to replace and become the elites. We Africans have to learn from what is happening in the world before we end up in the same situations.

Ethiopian Music
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