Hanna Yohannes stay with Ethiopian who have many talents


Ethiopia - Artist Hanna Yohannes stay with Ethiopian who have many talents. Unusual in most Ethiopian female singers, but also for her distinctive taste of outfits and accessories, both western and traditional in origin, that often render her appearance an extreme elegance both in and off stage, and her brightly lit, curious and sharp looking eyes that do nothing to conceal her fascinating confidence rare amongst women in Ethiopia.  



A pioneer in raising the standards of Amharic pop music by bringing it to the world stage, Tsedenia has been off the public’s attention for the last few years.  Now she is back to the scenes – with a more soulful touch. That powerful voice of Tsedenia is still as captivating as it was even if she was on a long maternity break following the birth of her twin boys. 



She now says she is on a new adventure of fusing traditional Ethiopian instruments with a modern soulful sound, coming up with her own unique arrangement that creates a refreshingly new type of pop music.



A few months ago, Tsedenia had released a dynamic single titled Hememe (my pain), a mix of traditional jazz with a contemporary pop in which she skillfully maneuvers her deep, jazzy voice to sing how the love of her life cures her pain with the touch of his love and of his palm. 

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