Eskinder Nega's Rally


The board had a public interview in its office on Friday morning, as indicated by a report by VOA Amharic Service. 

 A proper solicitation for authorization is submitted to the significant division of Addis Ababa City Administration, to be careful to the Peaceful Demonstration and Meetings Division of the city. In any case, the city has not answered up until now. 

 Coordinators have told columnists during a question and answer session that the exhibition won't occur if the administration isn't allowing it. 

 In any case, if the legislature isn't officially denying consent, coordinators consider it as a type of acknowledgment and they will proceed with the exhibit. What's more, they anticipate that the police should show to guarantee security. 


As Baladera Council was holding its question and answer session from its office in the capital Addis Ababa, a gathering of youthful Oromo language speakers was fighting outside of the Baladera Council office, as indicated by VOA Amharic. Be that as it may, no occurrence is accounted for as police were conveyed to the region when the public interview. 


Commenting on the individuals who were fighting from the outside Leader of the Baladera chamber, Eskinder Nega, said "Coincidentally, they reserve an option to express their perspectives as well… and we have no awful emotions about it. All we ask is that their dissent to be tranquil" 


Pictures of Baladera board activating occupants in Addis Ababa on coursed on Facebook on Friday. 


Henok Aklilku, an individual from the support gathering, is refered to as saying that all Ethiopians independent of ethnicity, strict, ideological or political contrasts to join the exhibition at Meskel Square and include voices for opportunity and majority rule government.

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