What happened around Kera area, Addis Ababa


Ethiopian news update - What happened around Kera area, Addis Ababa

Ethiopia will start to produce 5.5 million face masks per day to ease the growing demand resulted from increase in new cases of the current pandemic. The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) told ENA that some 67 textile factories will soon start production of 5.5 face masks a day for social care.


Face coverings on public areas and transport has become mandatory in Ethiopia to help stop the transmission of the current as more people got infected with the virus. 


Communication Director at MoTI, Wondimu Flate, said about 67 textile factories decided to enter into full production of face masks to meet the demand. The companies will begin exporting the masks once local demands are met, he said.


Various industrial parks have already started production of face masks, he said, adding companies at Hawasa industrial park are currently manufacturing 10,000 face masks per day with a plan to increase to 50,000 on daily basis.

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