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A post heretofore held by men. Mrs. Sinknesh Ejigu is the Minister of Mines of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

This, indeed, is a social advancement and improvement of the status of women in the society. There is no doubt about that. But, needless to say, to secure all or at least some of the rights, privileges and opportunities they have exerted enormous efforts.  The struggle for freedom and the fight against the unreasonable enthusiasm for the glory of the male was and still remains highly significant in the emancipation of women.

Things which happen in real life are sometimes stranger than things that occur in novels. Nevertheless, the number of women in high ranking posts has, from time to time, increased so much so to the surprise of male chauvinists.  Men, who shamelessly show prejudice against women, simply want to take the phenomenon as extraordinary, supposedly supernatural event. Why does the good male chauvinist consider this as a miracle? It is just for the simple reason that he does not want to accept the woman as a winner. He does by no means recognize the great efforts applied and the sacrifice made by the female to attain the status in question.  Last but not least, he would not at all acknowledge and accept defeat.

It is without any doubt that the number of women at the top has now increased. But how do the male subordinates respond to this? Are women bad executives?

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