What happened to the young man?


What I heard today is heartbreaking. My friend Kassa Ayalew Kassa helped me with this. "We're sorry, Teddy. We got away, Lavelle."


He died." He said. What did I feel? He came to turn me around and bring me back. My tongue was closed. Without exaggeration, my back, and my whole body were soaked in sweat. Tears flowed from my eyes.


I'm not usually that kind of person. People I know very well and close to me have passed me by for various reasons. I know I'm sad. I have never been like this.


I don't believe that anyone is harming themselves by leaving this earth. I know that man is a creature that died when he was born; I believe. But I have never felt as sad as I am today.


Girma Zwege (We call him Lovely. He is Lovely) is not a big boy as you can see in the picture. He is my son, a little boy who grew up fast. My beautiful baby. My humble child. A smooth who doesn't look up to anyone. He doesn't even look up and see me with his whole eyes. Much respect. He left before he arrived.


Despite his young age, Lovely is a fast-growing boy. Garmaye Zwege (Lovely) Cruise School, then "Ita" Aviation Training Graduated with Advanced Standing Diploma in Aviation and Reservation, Adamas University College one semester before completing his Bachelor's degree in Accounting, January 17 at 4:00 pm while driving to his house in "Wolete" Kara area. It is our son, our servant, our friend who died in a car accident like this.



A child who grew up in freedom, where everything he wanted was not given to him. His father Zwege (Z) lost his son, his friend, his greatest, his player, and his hope. I can only sympathize and console you. 


How can someone other than God console a father and mother who lost their child in a car accident? What is it called? "Nothing can be done"? Not being able to do anything is the greatest suffering, isn't it? Let's say "Soul learn" 


on social media, the lives of people who we pass as a joke, will bring out such a mess? How can the death of Lovelin comfort his parents? But comfort is needed. It is necessary to live to grieve, not to live. Lovely's parents have no more grief to forget. Lovely is not buried in the ground, but in their hearts. You deserve it if you know the child.

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