A young man who grows up in Holland and searches for his natural parents


Where are you, my mother? A young man who grows up in Holland and searches for his natural parents. The 12th Ethiopian International Film Festival was held at the Alliance Ethio-Francaise, Addis Ababa Ethiopia last week. The annual festival brought several interesting films for the public’s viewing starting December 25th to December 30th, 2017. 


The list of films for the festival included; Yelij Habtam: This film features the issue of infertility and the negative impact it brings in life in general and in the family in particular. It is made to show how motherhood and fatherhood are beyond the issue of infertility.


Taza: Set in Ethiopia, from 1980 to 83, the film narrates about the then social life through an educated girl who came from Cuba and the love affair she has with a man who was a soldier of the former government.


Atse Mandela: This film is set in Merkato, the largest open market in Ethiopia. It shows the day-to-day activity of Merkato and what life looks like in it. Kedemena Belay: Helen, the leading role of this film, believes that all human beings are born equal and have a right to access all opportunities. 


The book she intends to write is aimed to fulfill her ambition as she believes it is as instrumental to reach wide audiences. The film shows the challenges she faces in life, and the steps she goes through to succeed in realizing her dream.

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