The Ethiopian teenager who attracted the attention of many


A teenager who started a business on the street is going back to Ethiopia from America. Meet Biruk Sawtelle, a 10-year-old boy who is collecting money to go back to his country of Ethiopia. A boy from North Wales is collecting money by selling Italian sodas to fund his trip to Ethiopia.


It's so refreshing. Something unusual or not the same. "People want to come back," said her wife, Megan, as she stood holding a cold dessert on a hot day. 10-year-old Biruk Sawtelle handed them a drink. The basic recipe is done right.


You pour club soda into a glass and add three pumps of your chosen flavor. "And sometimes, if people want it, you can put cream and whipped cream," he said. This young business owner was taken in by parents from America who wanted him to know his Ethiopian background. "His father Nathan Sawtelle said that he wants to keep his connection with his home country Ethiopia alive, as well as the orphanage where he grew up and the care he received there. "


Nathan said he took every chance to teach Biruk about where he came from. Nathan Sawtelle said that he lost another tooth, and the tooth fairy always gives him a coin from Ethiopia. After saving almost $100 to go to Hersheypark this spring, Biruk's mom, Andrea, asked if he would like to go to Ethiopia instead.


"I said, 'Your plane ticket will cost around $1,200. ' He responded, 'I earned this amount in just one day. " I believe I can do it, Mom. "His mom said she would like to go for that. " Friends and neighbors have bought $300 worth of Italian sodas. Each soda costs $2.


"I find it amazing that we can assist Biruk in various ways, not just by purchasing an Italian soda from him," expressed Josh Yoder. "And simply using it on something that any other child would use, like a toy or something similar. "

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