Young Ethiopian woman named Mahlet prays for U.S. President Trump


During the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House on Friday, female Ethiopian settler Mahalet went to the platform to petition God for the country and particularly for President Donald Trump. Mahalet expressed gratitude toward God for "giving us an extraordinary pioneer like Mr. Donald Trump," and requested that God "secure us" and "ensure our leader." 


Mahalet was conceived in Ethiopia. She was deserted by her folks and in the long run received at age 11 by a Christian family from the United States. Vidoe of her petition was taken by Turning Point USA. 


At the platform, Mahalet told the group at the White House, "I need to state thank you, Mr. President. I realize we have political fighting at the present time however I unequivocally trust it is a profound one also."


community members along with returnees will develop 50 hectares, which they will use to harvest rainwater and trap silt sediments; which in turn will improve soil fertility. Trees and grasses will be planted to restore lost vegetation cover.

It is envisaged that community members and returnees will generate income from the sale of seedlings. In four years, it is expected that they will start selling the fruits. In addition, over 240 community members will participate in ‘community conversations’ on topics related to migration and land degradation.


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