Selamsew Werkeye performing Neway's Yeluntam Yelelesh music


Ethiopian music - Selamsew Werkeye performing Neway's Yeluntam Yelelesh music. Ethiopia has a rich art history that mainly focuses on Christian themes. This art has been developed over a long period, with stability and gradual changes. 


The first churches and monasteries in Aksum hired artists to create artwork that showed Christian themes with an African style. This artwork was influenced by early Greek, Indian, Byzantine, and Egyptian cultures. 


But Ethiopia has more than just valuable old documents, metalwork, and paintings. Ethiopia has many different cultures, and they have a lot of different crafts, music, and other arts that make up its artistic heritage. One of the most noticeable parts of these broader traditions are textile arts and basketry. 


They usually have vibrant colors and intricate designs. Ethiopia has been creating artwork with a focus on religion since the Middle Ages. It has bright colors, and meaningful symbols, and the people in the artwork have big, alert eyes. 


Ethiopian art is influenced by Byzantine art, but it is also adapted to fit the preferences of the local people. Over time, it has been improved and perfected by skillful artists and their students. In Christian states that have monastic traditions, rich people would often pay for artworks to be made for churches.


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Ethiopian Music
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