Mekdes Debesay got married


EBS TV journalist Mekdes Debesay got married. Congratulation. We shouldn't be in a relationship with someone who makes us feel like we can't trust them. Our commitment will increase as we get to know and trust our friends. Marriage is when people make a serious promise to each other. 


If something happens that makes us trust or depend on each other less, we should think about whether we know our partner. Understanding someone requires spending enough time with them. 


Lots of married couples discover that they keep discovering new things about their partner. Even though it may bother you to ask questions, it is important to get to know as many people as possible. 


For example, if our date talks about problems they had in a previous relationship, it's a good time to ask, "Why did they act that way? " The answer can give us insight into their way of thinking and the things that bother them in relationships. 


Understanding the other person helps you figure out if you're compatible with them. Controlling the connection is not the main purpose of getting to know the other person.

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