Interview with the sisters of Tsega on Seifu show


Interview with the sisters of Tsega on the Seifu show. At present, Fendika holds a prominent position as one of the top tourist attractions in Ethiopia, competing with renowned destinations like Lalibela and Axum. 


The Fendika event has brought immense joy and a sense of pride to the local artists involved. Both the Azmari events and the special occasions receive a great deal of adoration. The majority of attendees are individuals from other countries.


We maintain a staff of 43 individuals who work year-round, in addition to a pool of roughly 80 artists. Bands highly value Fendika due to its lively atmosphere and dynamic ambiance, which cannot be found in other establishments in Addis Ababa. 


Typically, only well-known vocalists perform at nightclubs in Addis Ababa. Traditional artists do not have a space allocated for them. Artists are not granted autonomy in clubs and hotels as well. They exploit the art form instead of striving to progress it. 


Fendika provides artists with the opportunity to showcase their albums, curate exhibitions, and receive global recognition. According to Melaku, any artist who manages to make it through Fendika has the potential for success no matter where they go. Fendika has offered Melaku the chance to travel worldwide alongside multiple musical groups, serving as a representative of Ethiopia and Africa at various global gatherings and festivities.

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