Besintu comedy-drama 'The Spirit of Competition'


Besintu comedy-drama 'The Spirit of Competition' Freedom is a key ingredient of art. For one thing, one has to feel free to even begin to imagine and appreciate an artwork be it a painting, a script for a film, or a standup. But, it doesn’t end there. 


After the artist has put out the work, the audience has to feel the freedom to entertain the topics that were imagined in Freedom, according to Asayehegn. “It doesn’t end there,” Asayehegn explains. “Comedians criticize the public as well, so, the public must appreciate it as a piece of art, that requires freedom of thought.”


“It takes your stress away, even for a moment,” Yonas told EBR. “I have fun at these events.” On one of his busy and stressful days, a standup show or a piece of poetry does the magic for Yonas, who has become addicted to shows by comedian Eshetu both online and in person.


Studies show that standup comedy has different health benefits. Comedy is a great stress reliever since it helps you feel relaxed. It makes you chuckle and helps you forget about your worries. 


Comedy has been proven in several studies to be a scientific and healthy technique for releasing unpleasant emotions. Rather than releasing your pent-up tension and fury through negative habits, you may choose to turn to humor to relieve your dissatisfaction and stress.


It reduces blood pressure. A night of laughter at a comedy club provides more than just relief it also has the remarkable ability to increase your heart rate and breathing rate. The body’s heart and respiration rates gradually drop, resulting in reduced blood pressure towards the end of the show.

Ethiopian Short Drama
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