Experts criticized the PM's economic analysis as an "inappropriate comparison"


Experts criticized the Prime Minister's economic analysis as an "inappropriate comparison". All modern economies have certain fundamental or basic economic problems to deal with. In every single economy, including the so-called “affluent society”, resources are limited. As a result, decisions regarding the resource use have to be made together by individuals, by business corporations, and by society.


What to produce ? Each and every economy must determine what products and services, and what volume of each, to produce. In some way, these kinds of decisions should be coordinated in every society. In a few, the govt decides. In others, consumers and producers decisions act together to find out what the society’s scarce resources will be utilized for. In a market economy, this ‘what to produce?’ choice is made mainly by buyers, acting in their own interests to fulfill their needs.


Their demands are fulfilled by organizations looking for profits. In case a manufacturer produces an item which buyers don’t buy in much quantity, there will likely be inadequate income. The manufacturer will have to enhance the quality and modify the product to match buyer tastes. If the item is still not preferred, the producer will most likely halt the production. In this manner, buyers get the goods they need.


Customers rule the ‘what?’ decision. They ‘vote’ for certain products and services by spending money on those they like. Each and every manufacturer has to offer what buyers want so that they can compete effectively against other manufacturers. Government authorities also perform some part in making ‘what?’ decisions.

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