The best wedding ceremony in Dubai


Ethiopia - The best Ethiopian wedding ceremony in Dubai

Dubia Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai aims to be the business hub of Western Asia.[8] It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Oil revenue helped accelerate the development of the city, which was already a major mercantile hub. 




Dubai’s oil output made up 2.1 percent of the Persian Gulf emirate’s economy in 2008.[10] A centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century, Dubai's economy relies on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.




According to government data, the population of Dubai is estimated at around 3.39 million as of January 2020.

Many theories have been proposed as to origin of the word "Dubai". One theory suggests the word used to be the souqin Ba.




An Arabic proverb says "Daba Dubai" meaning "They came with a lot of money." According to Fedel Handhal, a scholar on the UAE's history and culture, the word Dubai may have come from the word daba  (a past tense derivative of yadub which means "to creep"), referring to the slow flow of Dubai Creek inland. 

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