Lidetu Ayalew is to come to Ethiopia


Lidetu Ayalew is to come to Ethiopia. Lidetu Ayalew is an Ethiopian politician who is the founder and leader of the Ethiopian Democratic Party. He was a deputy chairman and chief spokesperson of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), during the 2005 Ethiopian general election.


Lidetu was born in 1969 in the historical town of Lalibela, Ethiopia - also known as Bugna Woreda. He came from a modest family background and started his career working in NGOs later owning a profitable auto import business. 


He enrolled in Addis Ababa University and earned B.A. in History. He also earned a Master's degree in Development Economics from SOAS University of London. Lidetu rose to political prominence by forming the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) in 1992 with an initial membership of 120 men and women. 


He was the secretary General of the EDP until he led the forming of a new coalition called UEDP, which later join Medhin and became UEDP-Medhin. Over the years, he has been a thorn in the side of PM Meles Zenawi and the ruling EPRDF party by matching Meles' rhetoric word for word. 


He organized various demonstrations protesting some of the policies of the government, particularly alongside students.

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