Ethiopian Amharic Movie Trailers Asmelash


Ethiopian Amharic Movie Trailers Asmelash 

Ethiopian people know and love their folk songs. Singing is high pitched and shrill Sand frequently accompanied by excited ululation, especially at weddings and other joyful occasions.


According to the state minister, the committee is tasked with ensuring peace and stability in the areas where the displaced people will return and individuals or groups who forcibly displaced them will be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, local and international communities are being mobilized to provide resources to be used for the rehabilitation of the returnees.

Recalling that 2.8 million had been internally displaced in 2018,Zeynu stated that 1.2 million of those were helped to return to their homes at the end of same year.

“However, in January and February 2019 some of the people being rehabilitated in their homes fled again from there owing to security challenges,” he disclosed, adding that there have been no new conflicts this year.

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