Winners List for 40/60 condominium 3 bedrooms


The Winners List for 40/60 condominium 3 bedrooms. July 8, 2014, Addis Ababa: The city administration's senior management, registrants, and guests of honor today, including Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe, said that the 14th round of 20/80 and the third round of 40/60 condominiums have been completed. He officially handed over the lottery at the Addis Ababa Municipal Hall.

Addis Ababa Housing Development Bureau Head, MRsYasmin Wahabirebi, stated that the 20/80 three-bedroom houses will not be included in the lottery. It is said that it will be seen in a special way as it will distort the whole system to handle this round.

Sites with lots for houses, 40/60 Housing Development Program Grandpa 2; Bole in Shale: Bulbula Lot 2 and a blessing in the 20/80 housing development program; Bole Arabsa (sites 3, 5, 6); Ka Tafo: Jemo Gara: Trinity: Fury Hannah and Fanuel are revealed.

Mayor Adanech addressed the 14th round of 20/80 and the 3rd round of the 40/60 housing lottery. He said Addis Ababa is in dire need of housing and is working hard to meet the housing needs of the residents.

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