Addis Ababa Today, the dam is mine


A Great rally took place on the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Supporting GERD on a motto saying The Dam Is Mine

Many have celebrated GERD declaring the Motto “Our voice for our dam” joining outdoor events took place in several cities of the country. Thousand of Addis Ababa residents, dressed colorfully and waving the national flag have shouted joyfully “It is My Dam”, “Our voice for our dam” Slogans across the streets of the capital.




Some were dancing in a very peculiar way just to express their delight over successful developments of GERD. Several segments of the community regardless of their age and social status have reaffirmed support for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.



A huge number of cars beeping their horns have also joined the multitudes of residents being in a pile, some loading youths who were singing loudly in support of GERD.




Artists and renowned figures have also participated in an event held at Sheraton Hotel to honor the dam and voice support for its successful wrapping up.

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