Berikti's role on her new Ethiopian movie


Ethiopia - Berikti's role on her new Ethiopian movie. Let me focus on the Ethiopian case and ask, why schools, community or public, do not offer Ethiopian languages other than the one they are required to teach by law? The more I think about it, the less I can come up with a reasonable answer. Financial limitations are one major reason, but that will only be convincing in the public schools. Private schools can afford to do so.



I will take this a little further and ask why are there no linguistic academies? Not just for university research, but to be accessed by the public. The Oromo Cultural Center is a step in the right direction but we need a place where we record all of our languages and exhibit them as the precious gems they truly are. Languages are gateways to culture, and as a diverse country with so many of them, it is only logical we get to know each other by speaking to each other, no?



This may all sound far fetched but it really is not. Preserving ones culture is a burden that is constantly on the shoulders of the young generation, one we cannot escape. As the common saying goes, tell me where you come from and I will tell you where you are going. If we truly value how and what we speak, then we will seriously consider investing in keeping them.

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