5 famous Ethiopians were surprised big time


5 famous Ethiopians were surprised big time. Fura is believed to have ruled over the land of Sidama for seven years. There are contrasting stories of her marital status, but accounts agree that she was married to a very powerful man,  and she succeeded him. Some accounts claim that she had a daughter called Laango. 


There are two reasons mentioned for Fura’s very hostile stand against men: one is that they killed her husband and baby boy, and the other is that she witnessed their cowardice on the battlefield, seeing them retreating.  Oral tradition asserts that what gave Fura the determination that women were better than men, going beyond equality, is the fact that she won battles, fighting with women alongside her, not men. 


Her rule became fearsome after she successfully led battles rallying women behind her. Tefera says the queen was considered unique even from her early days. 


"Queen Fura's title is (Motite), which means Queen or Mistress. She had been considered knowledgeable since childhood and has brought solutions to problems. People went to her for advice.” The Queen was known to have given notorious advice to women about their relationships with men.

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