Tips to Relieve Itchy and Burning Skin


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Tips to Relieve Itchy and Burning Skin

Itchy skin on occasion is normal, and usually, it will go away on its own. However, itchy skin can sometimes become a problem when it is chronic or very severe, and scratching will sometimes have no effect or even worsen the unpleasant sensation. Such itchiness can be generalized, when the person experiences itchy skin over their whole body, or localized, when the itchy skin is confined to one area. There are a variety of factors that can cause itchy skin

Burning skin is a sensation of heat or burning on an area of skin that is not actually physically burning. This can often come without warning and can be incredibly uncomfortable. It is often related to nerves, but other causes do exist.

How to Relieve Itchy Skin
Treating the underlying condition is the best way to relieve the itchy skin in the long term, but meanwhile, it is useful to know tips to reduce itching when it occurs. Some remedies that have proved useful for many people are:

Keep skin moist using oil or a moisturizer

Use a cold compress on the affected area

Apply calamine lotion to the affected area

Avoid wearing wool or other irritating clothing

Try using natural or unperfumed toiletry products

Make sure shower or bath water is not too hot, and keep it cool if possible


How to Relieve Burning Skin

The pain can be dealt with through the use of over the counter painkillers or anti-inflammatories. However, if you are using any other medications, check with your doctor to see if this is safe.

Use a soothing balm or cream if it is due to an insect bite.

Keep a cold compress on the area to cool down the skin.


Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, which could help if the burning is due to nutritional deficiencies.


Shower or bathe only in cool water.

Avoid overexerting the area - if the burning is due to natural wear and tear or an injury that you might not even know you have, the area might just need to rest for a while, and doing too much could do more harm than good.

There are a myriad of factors that can contribute to itchy or burning skin, and finding out the underlying cause in order to deal with the problem at the root should be the first step. However, this remedy will most likely not be immediate, and so implementing some home remedies to relieve the pain can lead to less discomfort and less chance of causing long-term damage by scratching.


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