Ermias Legesse discusses frivolous charges against Eskinder Nega


Ethiopia -  Ermias Legesse discusses frivolous charges against Eskinder Nega.

Citing that some countries have already held elections during the pandemic and some have postponed, the Minister indicated that there are enough lessons from across Africa to help us prepare for elections in Ethiopia.


The fact that the spread of the pandemic in our country is minimal compared to projections, the public has a better understanding of the means of transmission, availability of better scientifically proven means to prevent the virus’ spread, and the availability of local capacity to produce masks and sanitizers, are said to place the country in a better position to hold the elections.


But two conditions need to be fulfilled to conduct the national elections, according to the recommendation by the Ministry of Health. The first is preparing electoral code of conduct, regulation and directives taking  into consideration so that better preparations can be made. Second, the need for special treatment of areas of high prevalence of the virus should be taken into account.


In addition to recommending holding the elections by taking the necessary precautions, the Ministry also suggested economic and social activities be restored with proper precautions taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Hence, such gatherings should allow enough ventilation, maintain social distance, mandatorily use face masks, enforcing frequent hand washing and other necessary measures.

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