I saw my husband whom I am looking for on Tiktok


I suddenly saw my missing husband on Tiktok. Many sectors in Ethiopia are adapting to the new digital reality by adopting some kind of technology. The art industry is no exception, incorporating technology into the visual aspects of art. The advent of digital art has allowed artists to realize visions that were not possible without the help of computers.


In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of artists producing works exclusively in digital media. This has opened up new opportunities for Ethiopia's creative sector. Digital artists Harerta Teklu and Yeabtsega Getachew sat down with author and poet Kalkidan Getenet to brainstorm ideas for an art exhibition.


They wanted to create something that had an emotional impact on the viewer while giving them a unique artistic experience that they could relate to in some way. Event organizers Negus Africa and Tsebaot Tsegaye began planning the experience after coming up with the idea of matching the exhibition concept with 'being human' while developing a broad theme for the exhibition.


At this point Harerta, Yeabtsega, Kalkidan and the rest of the team set about preparing for the art exhibition. Models, artists, fashion designers, make-up artists, electricians and projection artists were mobilized to create an envisioned artistic show for the audience.


The show's plot was prepared by Kalkidan, who revealed that when searching for the title he considered other words taken from current affairs. “Words such as 'traffic lights', 'sky', 'clouds', 'machinery', 'noise' and especially' people' were considered. There are those who cry, those who cry, those who are happy, those who are ignorant, those who are young and those who are old.”

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