The contestant who brought his mother on stage and sang for her


The contestant who moved the judges to tears brought his mother on stage and sang for her. In my observation, I have not seen anything new here, and those projects which are being carried out by Chinese firms are doing well. 


Maybe, a few problems could exist. But I am not well aware of any new stories regarding the activities of Chinese firms here if there are any at all. Being in Ethiopia is a very special opportunity for me in the sense that this is the capital of Africa; this would ease business and my duty. But more importantly, I see Ethiopia as a special place in its history. 


When I was assigned to be an Ambassador to Africa Union here, I felt happy that this is a country that I know well from a very young age through its last king, Haile Selassie I, whom I saw in the streets of Shanghai while he was visiting China. 


I’m really happy to see his proud motherland. As always, Ethiopia remains central in Africa for many reasons and China keeps its strong and historic relations with Ethiopia and Africa forever. 


Ethiopia needs to have such a massive hydroelectric dam if it is to become an industrialized country shortly. 

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