Artist Zebiba Girma is about to be married


The favorite Ethiopian Artist Zebiba Girma is about to be married. Who is the groom? If you do what these tips say, you can become a better person and live a better life. Always remember that becoming a good person takes a long time, and it's okay to begin at any moment in your life.


The ancient Greeks believed that four very important virtues showed how a good person should behave. There are four good qualities: being wise in decision-making, being in control of your desires, having courage, and treating others fairly.


"Prudence means being wise, knowledgeable, and making good choices. " Making good choices through knowledge and common sense is called good judgment. This means thinking about what might happen because of what we do before we do it.


Temperance means controlling oneself and not overdoing things. Self-control means stopping ourselves from doing something we want to accomplish something more important. This good habit helps us not to have too much of anything in our lives, like eating too much or being too angry.


Fortitude means having courage and strength when facing tough situations. Being strong when things get hard, doing what we think is right, and facing our fears with courage and determination is called resilience.

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