PM Abiy's speech on the taxpayers awards Ceremony


Ethiopia - Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's speech on the taxpayers awards Ceremony.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has awarded devoted taxpayers at the second round Taxpayers’ Recognition Ceremony held at Unity Park today. On the occasion, the Prime Minister recognized 200 registered businesses that have maintained transparent conduct & paid their taxes in a timely manner.


The second round Federal Taxpayers’ Recognition Ceremony was held this afternoon in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, high ranking government officials and representatives of the business community in the country.


The awards, given to the business people who have abided by laws and regulations, is intended to encourage the entire business community to follow the lead in abiding by the law and do what is best for their country, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.


When money kept in private hands comes back to banks, the government will have the  opportunity to scrutinize the money and check its authenticity, he added. The introduction the new notes will also minimize illicit financial flows, specially associated with contraband trade and illegal activities around the borders.

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