Entertaining time with voice impressionist Nahom


An Entertaining time with voice impressionist Nahom Beyene. Habtu thinks it's very difficult to start an app in Ethiopia because the technology there is not very advanced. But according to what he went through before, he thinks there is a big difference.


"In just one month, over 100,000 people downloaded it. And for three weeks, it was the most popular free music and sound app in Ethiopia on Google Play Store. " When people could easily find and listen to music on the app, it became very popular and people liked using it a lot. This is what Habtu thinks.


Right now, almost 500,000 people use the platform. They can either use it for free or pay to get extra services. "Three of their music makers have gotten over one million people listening to their music recently, along with their group of fans. "


Abenet Agonafir recently put out an album called "Tekebeying". It got really popular quickly and more than 1. 5 million people listened to it within a week of it being released. Habtu thinks that lots of people like and use the digital streaming service.


Habtu says that Sewasew helps musicians release albums without needing to make separate singles or videos. Fans can still listen to the albums on their phones with the app. He said that this has really helped the music industry to keep going.


Habtu said that more than 100 musicians have joined our company and can now share their songs and albums using our website. Habtu thinks that musicians can make a lot of money from the part of the multimedia company that makes recordings. The reason is that the company pays their artists well for their work.

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