I was one of the Ethiopian on the Libya incident


New Chapter program - I was one of the Ethiopians in the Libya incident. With 22 commercial banks and insurers pulling out of the project, the StopEACOP campaign was gaining momentum ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in November, where it drove the message home. 

COP27 was a major moment for the climate movement in 2022. Although the host country, Egypt, offered little civic space to mobilize, organizations adapted by working through existing global networks and coalitions to push for more meaningful decarbonization commitments, human-rights protections, and financing. In the end, the conference produced an agreement to establish a separate global fund to compensate vulnerable countries for climate-related “loss and damage.” 

Given that advanced economies had long refused even to discuss the issue, this is a huge win – one driven by frontline activists and spokespeople from across the Global South. But the summit’s final agreement did not include any specific language about the need to phase out fossil fuels.

Finally, other positive climate-policy developments in 2022 included the launch of Just Energy Transition Partnerships in Indonesia, South Africa, and Vietnam. With the goal of helping countries leapfrog past fossil fuels, JETPs – if done right – could be game changers in the global transition to renewable energy. The international community also did more to protect nature in 2022.

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