The group behind the coup of Ethiopian Orthodox Synod


The Secrets Behind The Coup Of Sindos Of Ethiopia Revealed. In a later presser after the appointment, his Holiness Abune Sawiros issued a lengthy explanation of the decision to appoint the 26 Bishops and said that it was made to resolve long-lasting problems within the church for failing to serve believers in their native languages and detached their culture, which resulted in the loss of millions of believers over the past years particularly in Oromia and Southern region.


The Archbishop accused the Holy Synod that is currently in the office of comprising 85% of its members from only one group and for failing to reflect the church’s diversity. In an emergency meeting on Monday chaired by Chief Priest Belay Mekonnen, the deputy general manager of the Archdiocese, the management assembly of the Archdiocese’s office has ordered to suspend of those who are accused of having committed the crime of “destroying” the church by illegally appointing bishops in Haro Beale Wold Church from their salary. 

The meeting also ordered their offices and lodging houses to be sealed and properly guarded. The administrative assembly held a wide discussion about the “all-around betrayal” of the Church. In the statement issued afterward, the management assembly accused His Holiness Abune Sawiros and the others of committing a “betrayal by denying the structure (institution) that gave them authority” and called it “very sad.” It also ruled out the possibility of reaching a settlement through discussion. 

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