The situation of Ethiopians in Saudi Prisons


Daily Ethiopian news update October 16, 2020. The situation of Ethiopians in Saudi Prisons, Ethiopia's overall total cases of the current pandemic registered passes 87 thousand. while the first country that the pandemic was found is 85,646.


According to a major new report from the African Union and International Organization for Migration. Among other things, the report says most African immigrants are crossing land borders in the continent, not trying to sail across seas and oceans on rickety boats.



Experts say those false perceptions have a detrimental impact on policies, whereby most of the money goes to deterring people from traveling north across the Mediterranean rather than focusing on the 80 percent of Africans who have no interest in leaving the continent when they migrate.



Dozens of African migrants wait to be assisted by a team of aid workers of the Spanish NGO Open Arms, after spending more than 20 hours at sea, in the Central Mediterranean Sea, Sept. 8, 2020. This leads to a “sensationalized impression of irregular migration from Africa,” the Africa Migration Report says.

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