Discussion on the fate of Addis Ababa


Discussion on the fate of Addis Ababa. Fortificants and laboratory reagents are exempt from duty tax. A one-birr investment in fortifying wheat flour with folic acid and zinc would yield a 13-birr gain, while a one-birr investment in fortifying edible oil with Vitamin A would yield a 2.75-birr gain. A two birr investment in wheat flour and edible oil fortification would have a return on investment value of 15.75 birr, according to a study by the Ministry of Health.


One of the measures taken was the voluntary standard for food fortification enforced in 2017. However, assessments conducted to industries both in wheat flour milling and edible oil producing industries showed that voluntary fortification is not implemented.


“Based on this learning experience, the government has currently approved the mandatory food fortification standard. Hence, Ethiopia has currently put in place the necessary enabling policy environment for improving the supply of fortified food. Food fortification is a low cost and high return on investment,” said Sisay Sinamo, (MD, MPH, Ph.D.), senior program manager at the federal program delivery unit for the Seqota Declaration, which aims to end stunting by 2030. Despite a drop in the stunting rate from 58 to 37 percent over the course of the study, the figure increased in real terms.

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