Comedian Filfilu's new comedy work 'Beterew'


Comedian Filfilu's new comedy work 'Beterew'. Since the embarkation of the digital Ethiopia strategy, several appealing moves have been taken by the government to increase internet penetration and promote the use of technology in various sectors. 


In this fast-changing endeavor, one cannot help but notice public projects outshining: from Telebirr to CBE mobile payment system, from national digital ID to digitalization of fuel payment system, government projects and public enterprises are dominating the digital ecosystem.


Recently, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration also announced that it is gearing up to digitize the cement trading in the country entirely. This move aims to improve efficiency, reduce corruption, and promote transparency in the cement industry. 


It hopes the digitization process will enable real-time monitoring of cement prices and supply, which will help prevent price manipulation and ensure adequate supply for construction projects.


However, home-grown economic reform emphasizes liberalization and strengthening the private sector, and privatization ambitions still need to be improved. State-owned businesses still operate under a monopoly mentality which poses difficulties for the private sector to fairly compete.


The only excitement for the private sector came from the involvement of Safaricom Ethiopia through its newly established and wholly owned subsidiary, Safaricom M-PESA Mobile Financial Services PLC.

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