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To mitigate the effects of drought, water conservation facilities will be constructed to harvest rainwater at the foot of the mountain overlooking the village, where water usually races down. Instead of the water wasted as runoff, it will be collected, stored and used for watering the nursery and crops, especially during the dry season. Trapping the runoff will further reduce the risk of flooding and land degradation.

Speaking during a recent focus group meeting, the villagers expressed excitement, especially the prospect of beating drought and earning an income from selling fruits.


Abdu Hassen, a resident, said, “We know what to do with the land, we are experienced farmers but without water, we cannot do anything. All we need is water and land to cultivate, and if the degraded land can be useful again, that will bring joy to this village.”

Another hopeful resident, Hassen Mohamed lauded the project saying, “This is one step to defeating climate change.”

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