What happened to artist Veronica Adane?


I can't! Popular singer Veronica Adane suffered a sudden illness in America.

Vocalist Veronca Adane announced that she was unable to perform due to illness.


It is known that vocalist Veronica Adane has recently entered the United States to perform in various cities in the United States. But she announced on her social page that due to her illness, she was unable to perform the event adequately.


I announced that I have a show in Dallas on NOVEMBER 25; As you can see in the photo, even though I had a hard time, I was there to avoid upsetting my family in Dallas; I tried to sing but I couldn't; The Ethiopians and Eritreans in Dallas only understood my presence and gave me more love and respect than I can say.


We spent a beautiful time together; At the end of my ability 6; I played 7 songs and downloaded it. Sorry again to my family in Dallas. She conveyed her message.

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