Interview with artist Etaferaw Mebratu


"I was pregnant in Adey drama series" - Interview with artist Etaferaw Mebratu. Becoming a "king" in one's role as an artist is often subjective and can vary based on individual perspectives and contexts. 


However, several indicators can suggest an artist has achieved a significant level of success and influence in their field. Here are some factors to consider: Artists who become kings in their role often push boundaries, challenge conventions, and bring fresh perspectives to their field. 


They are known for their innovative approaches, unique artistic vision, and the ability to create groundbreaking and influential work. A king in their role as an artist typically demonstrates a high level of skill and mastery in their craft. 


They have honed their technical abilities and consistently produce exceptional work that showcases their talent and expertise. Artists who become kings in their roles often have a sustained and consistent body of work. They have proven themselves over time, demonstrating their dedication, resilience, and ability to evolve and adapt while maintaining their artistic integrity.


Artists who become kings in their roles often have a profound impact on the cultural fabric of society. Their work resonates deeply with audiences, reflects and shapes social, political, or cultural narratives, and becomes part of the collective consciousness.

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