Interview With Jawar Mohammed on Shemeles Abdisa And EZEMA


Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Demelash Gebremichael today met with Sir Alex Younger, Chief of UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6.

The two sides exchanged views on the current security situations and threat of terrorism in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region.

In a statement sent to FBC today, NISS said the two agreed to team up efforts and exchange information to contain threat of terrorism by deterring the activities of al-Shabaab and ISIS terrorist groups operating in the Horn of Africa

During the discussion, Commissioner Demelash told Sir Alex Younger that the National Intelligence and Security Service is undergoing reforms and amending legal frameworks to better accomplish its mission.

MI6 has agreed to share its rich experience in the sector to its Ethiopian counterpart and this, according to the Commissioner “would be beneficial for both sides to jointly combat the threat of terrorism and instability in the region.”

According to Commissioner Demelash, the two institutions have also agreed to build on and cement their cooperation.

Sir Alex Younger for his part said that they discussed ways of cooperation between the two institutions in counter terrorism operation.

Commending the recent measures taken by Ethiopia against terrorist groups, he said MI6 would share its experience and provide capacity building support to the reforms being undertaken by NISS.

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