My wish was twins - Artist Mekdes Tsegaye


An entertaining interview with actress Mekdes Tsegaye on the Seifu Show with host Seifu Fantahun. ''Wait patiently, God will give, My wish was twins'' - Actress Mekdes Tsegaye. Honestly, I have achieved more small things than one big thing. 


I made a movie called '13 Months of Sunshine' using only a little bit of resources, and it's something I'm proud of. I succeeded in making the movie even though people didn't think I could. Making the move showed me that I can create something, sell it, and do well. 


I still remember how I felt when my movie premiered at Edna Moll. Last night was special because my mom and dad came to see my movie, and so did a lot of people who wanted to support me. I worked hard and seeing the audience enjoy it made me feel indescribable.


I accomplished something great in 2010 by renovating and bringing Jolly to life even though it was difficult. I remember when reporters took a picture of all the people who worked with me. It was important to me because I had to work hard to get there. 


I had to convince my dad to let me take control of Jolly. When he finally trusted me, it became one of my biggest accomplishments so far. I argued a lot with my dad about business choices, particularly about Rainbow (Keste Damena), which is one of my biggest projects right now. 

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