The result has come


The result has come. According to Asayegn, diverse audiences have diverse demands; some may want comedy, while others may prefer narrative entertainment, and some may prefer physical humor or impressions.


“In Ethiopia, you can tell that people are interested in hearing more of that same thing when a topic that made people sad is brought up in a humorous way,” Asayehegn says. “Also, the youth want to hear more love stories.”


Asayehegn’s work is also being challenged by public opinion. Some people argue that in a nation where the news is full of misery, it may not be the right time to put an effort into expanding the work of comedy. Even if one tries, it may not be successful.


However, that is not how Asayehegn views it. Rainy days are actually the right time for art to play its role. Art imparts wisdom on how to get through those difficult times, and carries people on its wings, helping them cross over.


Another issue is the lack of financial support for the shows and the genre as a whole. Big corporations and businesses that happily finance movies and music albums are less enthusiastic about supporting this form of art. Asayehegn hopes that this will gradually change.


Another challenge is artistic freedom. Asayehegn and his colleagues are jealous of how far comedy has progressed in the US. Whether it is in politics or social issues, comedy knows no limit.

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