Interview with Andargachew Tsige


Interview with Andargachew Tsige. In a news video published on Youtube, Anchor Media said it spoke to a Fano representative from the area who confirmed the news that government forces have lost control of the district. 


As many as 60 government soldiers are reportedly captured.  17 killed and 18 wounded, it was said. The figure is unverified from other sources. The number of casualties from the side of Fano is unspecified.  


Similarly, there was a reported clash in West Wollo, Degollo Jama. Again Fano forces are said to have the upper hand in the battle.  The Ethiopian government has not remarked on both areas. 


In fact, on Tuesday the Command Post, the government body that is in charge of implementing the state of emergency,  released statement-making claims that it has restored normalcy to most parts of the Amhara region and that Fano forces are no longer in Bahir Dar, Gondar, Debre Birhan, Shewa Robit, and many other areas. 


Mass ethnic-based arrest targeting Amhara has reportedly continued in the capital Addis Ababa as the government is claiming victory over Fano – a force that it trivializes as “robbers.” 


Meanwhile, the African Union on Wednesday released a statement calling for a peaceful resolution to the problem in the region and pledged support for the peaceful process. 

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