Buhe Debretabor Celebration With Mekedonia


Buhe Debretabor Celebration With Mekedonia. Mekedonia Home for the Elderly and Mentally Disabled is an organization focused on helping the lives of the elderly and those with mental disabilities, by providing all basic services (food, clothes, shelter, hygiene facilities, medical, educational, and others) to the residents in the center.


Helping the disabled by encouragement and rehabilitation to develop their physical and mental capacities; Providing education, training, and employment opportunities as possible to all disabled and elderly people in the country,


Helping disabled and elderly people with the potential to find and retain employment and other needs to participate fully in the everyday life of society. Working on inclusive and integrated community development, biodiversity, and livelihood improvement, especially for elder people and those with disabilities.


Improving public awareness and acceptance of the capabilities, needs, and problems of disabled and marginalized elder people. Creating Positive Change: By helping one another, we contribute to creating a positive impact in society. Whether it's through volunteering, supporting charitable causes, or assisting individuals in need, our collective efforts can address social issues, promote equality, and create a more compassionate and just world.


Reciprocity: The act of helping each other often leads to a cycle of reciprocity, where kindness and support are reciprocated. When we help others, we inspire them to help others as well, creating a ripple effect of generosity and compassion.


Strengthening Communities: When individuals come together to help each other, it strengthens the fabric of communities. By working collaboratively, communities can tackle challenges.

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