I saw my mother begging on the street


The sad story of this Ethiopian family in search of their mother. I saw my mother begging on the street. Resolving family disputes can be challenging, but with patience, open communication, and a willingness to find common ground, it is possible to work toward a resolution. 


It's important to approach the situation with a calm and composed demeanor. Actively listen to all parties involved, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings without interruption. Avoid becoming defensive or escalating the conflict.


Foster open and honest communication. Encourage each family member to express their perspectives, concerns, and needs. Use "I" statements to express your feelings without blaming or attacking others. Practice active listening to ensure everyone feels heard and understood.


Look for areas of agreement or shared interests. Focus on finding common goals or solutions that benefit everyone involved. Emphasize the importance of maintaining family bonds and relationships while addressing the specific issues at hand.


If the dispute is particularly complex or emotionally charged, consider involving a neutral third-party mediator. A professional mediator can help facilitate communication, guide the conversation, and assist in finding mutually acceptable solutions.


Encourage a spirit of compromise and negotiation. Explore different options and be open to finding a middle ground. Understand that no one may get everything they want, but by finding a fair and reasonable solution, everyone can feel satisfied.


Encourage family members to take responsibility for their actions and apologize if necessary. Likewise, practice forgiveness and let go of past grievances. Holding onto grudges only perpetuates the conflict and hinders the resolution process.


Establish clear boundaries and expectations moving forward. Define acceptable behavior, communication guidelines, and methods for resolving future conflicts. This helps prevent similar disputes from arising in the future and promotes healthier family dynamics.

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